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ORDIT (Official Register of Driver Instructor Training) Registration

At Apollo SOM we provide the highest standard of driving instructor training in Gateshead and the North East. If you are considering a career change we can help you achieve your ambitions efficiently and professionally. Our trainer has gained the highest level of ORDIT (Official Register of Driver Instructor Training) Registration.

Some of the main objective of the ORDIT Scheme are to ensure that:
- Satisfactory standards are available for members of the public wishing to qualify as Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's).
- Satisfactory standards of training are available for ADI's who wish to receive further training or re-training.
- All trainers delivering training under this scheme have been tested by the DVSA and accepted as being suitable for entry onto the register.

To become a Driving Instructor you must have held a full driving license for at least 4 years and be over the age of 21. We can accommodate your training around any commitments you may have. Call us today and take your first step to a new career.

To become a driving instructor the Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) requires that every instructor attains specific skills and knowledge before they can qualify. You must have held a full license for 4 years and be able to read a vehicle number plate from a minimum of 27.5 metres (90feet). The instructor course is then divided into three parts, each tested independently by the DVSA.

Part 1 - Test of Theory

The Part One exam is split into 2 parts: the Theory Test and the Hazard Perception Test.

The Theory Test consists of 100 multiple choice questions. These questions are banded into four sections and you must score 80% in each band and achieve an overall mark of 85% to pass.

The Hazard Perception Test, part of the Government's plan to improve road safety, consists of 14 video clips chosen at random from a selection of 200, on which you will then be assessed on how well you spot dangers. Candidates have to achieve a pass mark of 57 to pass this test.

Part 2 - Test of Driving Ability

Here you will need to demonstrate the ability to drive effectively and efficiently. This test (conducted by a DVSA Supervising Examiner) lasts approximately 1 hour and you are allowed no more than six minor faults. You will have three chances at this test so ensure you have enough high quality training before you attempt it.

Part 3 - Test of Instructional Ability

The Part 3 Test is a test of your instructional ability. You must deliver a normal 1 hour lesson to a pupil (of any level) and the examiner will sit in the back on the lesson to assess your ability to teach. You are allowed 3 attempts at the part 3 within a 2 year period from passing part 1.

If you wish to apply for a trainee license you must have completed 40 hours of training, at which point you can begin work for a driving school instructing pupils until you are confident enough to sit your test.


- Excellent rates of pay
- Pay at an hourly rate
- Choose your own hours
- Job security & satisfaction (Apollo will guarantee you your pupils)
- A chance to meet new people

If you would like further information or prices about becoming a fully qualified A.D.I. please contact us or read about our North East driving franchises.