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Learn to Drive in Darlington with Apollo SOM

Apollo are one of the leading driving schools in Darlington and the local area. We have a large fleet of highly experienced driving instructors who are happy to guide you through what should be a very exciting experience - learning to drive. Our team are extremely flexible allowing you to learn to drive when it suits you, during the day, night or weekends, we will fit our schedule around yours.

Learning to drive in Darlington is fun and exciting because it brings up a host of scenarios perfect for people learning to drive. From first taking the wheel on the quiet roads near Lingfield Point or performing 3 point turns on the many industrial estates, your early hours of training will be enjoyable and controlled. When the time comes to actually sitting your test on one of the many challenging test routes including the high speed route which covers the A66 ring road, you will have had all of the driver training time required to enjoy the experience. Our aim is to make sure your driving test is a once in a lifetime experience with a first time pass being our only goal.

Our team of qualified driving instructors in Darlington have the skill set and experience to guide you on a path which will teach you safe driving skills and set you on a course not only to pass your driving test but more importantly keep you safe going forward.

We pride ourselves as a driving school in Darlington who give you not only the foundations for driving but the life skills to tackle a host of every day scenarios the test does not require you to look out for. Driving through North Road in Darlington can be a test on its own and our team of male and female driving instructors drive this route daily so we know how best to advise you.

Our large fleet of cars can give you the option of learning to drive a manually or sitting your test in an automatic car, please remember the guidelines if you sit in an automatic car - you can not legally drive a manual car once passed. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and work out a driving training programme which suits you.

We are always keeping on top of our special offers for people looking to learn to drive in Darlington so speak to one of our highly experienced driving instructors today and see how much money you can save learning to drive with Apollo SOM - the North East's leading driving school.

Time to put you in the driving seat but whilst waiting for your first driving lesson in Darlington with Apollo why not read up on some top tips from the DVLA website which is a great resource for helping you prepare.

Learning to drive in Darlington is always a challenge but something we know you will love as this skill you learn will be with you for life. As will the experience of learning to drive on the A66 and through the narrow residential streets. Our driving instructors will take you everywhere, from North Road to Morton Park and through the town centre itself passing iconic places such as the famous Darlington Football Arena and even down the amazing Brick Train. All of these places are found on the many possible test routes when you are learning to drive in Darlington.

Our experienced driving instructors offer total support for people learning to drive regardless of your previous experience. Should you be a brand new driver or had experience with past instructors we will guide and support you right through to the day you pass your test and beyond. We love giving all of our students this amazing life skill and sense of freedom which cannot be experienced without passing your driving test. Why not get in touch with our team of highly experienced driving instructors in Darlington today.

Please also take some time to watch our short video to learn more about why Apollo SOM is the best driving school in Darlington!

Please note: The prices shown on the below video are outdated.

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Five Star Rating
"Thank you very much, great service. Couldn't have done it without your patience."
Magaret from Stanley

Five Star Rating
"Passed first time, friendly driving instructor. Highly recommended!"
Paul from Washington

Five Star Rating
"Thanks Alan never thought I would pass 1st time, again thanks for all your help."
Julie from Birtley

Five Star Rating
"Great instructor both me and my boyfriend passed first time. Thanks very much would recommend Apollo to anyone."
Vicky from Consett

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