Driving Lessons

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Individual Tuition

Your lesson will be individually tailored to meet your own needs and current level of skill. You will then be able to monitor your development through your personal progress sheet. We offer friendly in-car tuition for the Theory Test as well as providing you with sample papers and CD-Rom material should you wish.

Lessons will take place in one of our dual control air-conditioned cars, where we aim to train you for your future not just the present.

Intensive Courses

Intensive courses are designed to speed up the "learning to drive" process. These can be done over whatever course of time you require, with the practical test coming at the conclusion of the intensive course. All times are flexible to suit your individual needs.

For future details on our intensive courses please see the price and information page.

Pass Plus

Once you've passed your test and just torn up your 'L' plates once and for all, we also offer advanced training. If you would like to gain more experience or you are a little nervous at the prospect of your first solo voyage, the Pass Plus scheme could be the way for you.

This government supported course involves advanced training for: motorways, dual carriageways, country and in-town training as well as varying weather conditions & times of the day. As a more experienced driver your car insurance will also be cheaper.

We Also Offer

- Automatic Lessons - Refresher Courses
- Motorway Tuition
- Multi-story car parks
- Night-time Tuition
- Sunday Tuition
- Confidence-booster courses

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